Rust Protection

No One Wants to Buy a Rusty Vehicle

Living in Minnesota, we know a thing or two about rust and corrosion. Too often we hear stories of people who were hoping to get a decent payday when selling their vehicle, only to find out that even a couple of small rust spots can cause severe damage to a car’s resale value.

Give Your Vehicle the Protection it Deserves

Our two-step Rust Protection process inhibits rust perforation, dampens road noise and protects the underside of your vehicle against debris and hazardous road chemicals.

One Application, Years of Protection

Our Rust Protection is a one-time application that doesn’t require any annual inspections. New vehicles can receive up to 10 years of protection from rust perforation!

Rust Protection FAQ

Why do I need Rust Protection?

Avoiding rust protection now can hit you hard in the wallet later. Vehicles with rust or corrosion issues command a far lower resale price.

How often do I need to get Rust Protection?

Our Rust Protection service involves a one-time application that can help protect against rust and corrosion for several years.

When should I get Rust Protection?

The best time to apply Rust Protection to your vehicle is immediately after purchase, especially if you’re buying a vehicle during the winter and early spring months when salt and other hazardous materials are still on the roads.

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