Your Vehicle. Your Style

Your vehicle speaks to who you are personally and, sometimes, professionally. From bold expression to brand awareness, a customized graphic wrap or graphic by Automotive Performance Studio [APS] will command attention and turn passive glances into captivate stares. Our industry-respected artists will design and install your graphics to match every contour and personality of your vehicle, so the display speaks as loudly as the message.
Paint is not a statement. Wrap it and drive boldly.
Benefits of vehicle wraps and graphics:

  • Attention grabbing, one-of-kind designs
  • Protects paint from chipping and fading
  • Mobilizes your business and expands your audience reach

We’re More Than Just a Graphics Shop.

Protect what Minnesota weather and those “oh no” moments destroy. At APS, we understand what elements can do to your vehicle from salt corrosion to interior stains to sun damage. These bank-draining hazards are why we offer a full suite of superior protectants that outlast and out protect most products offered by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Don’t let these elements destroy your vehicle’s resale value.

Protect your vehicle before it costs you:

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Jaguar Landrover Vehicle Wrap

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